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Biotech Industry Overview - Introduction


"This document is not an official pronouncement of the law or the position of the Service and cannot be used, or cited, or relied upon as such."

1. Introduction

A. Purpose of Industry Overview - This overview is designed to provide industry related information at a high level and is the first step in the effort of the new Large Business and International (LB&I) to develop a greater level of expertise in the industry or industries to which you will be assigned.

B. Use of the Intranet and Internet - It is anticipated that an industry web page will be established on the LB&I Intranet that will contain detailed information involving each industry. The topics included in this overview will be expanded upon and others will be included.  For example, an up-to-date economic analysis of the industry, current and future trends, and links to many other industry related web sites that can assist you in gaining the needed level of understanding of your industry will be included.

C. General History of Industry Specialization Program (ISP) 

Date:    1-1-80

Date:  1-2-90

D. History of Biotechnology Industry Study

Date:  12-31-01 
Event:  Biotech Industry Study established

E. Industry Specialist Staffing (Technical Advisors in LB&I)

Name of Specialist:  Louis Milano, T/A Pharmaceutical Industry  
Telephone #:  908-301-2106
FAX #:  908-301-2305
Email Address:  Louis Milano

Name of Specialist:  Lena C. Lee, T/A Biotech Industry  
Telephone #:  415-522-6381
FAX #:  415-522-6123
Email Address:  Lena Lee

F.     LB&I Industry Staffing - The Industry Specialist is assigned to the Pre-Filing and Technical Guidance Division that is a part of LB&I Headquarters.  Each industry is assigned to one of the five Industry Functional Divisions.  Industry Specialists will be known as technical advisors in LB&I and will be supervised by a Manager, Technical Advisors.  Information relative to the management in the Industry Division that this industry is assigned as well as the Manager of the Technical Advisor(s) of this industry is as follows:

Name:  Sergio Arellano, Industry Director
Location:  Downers Grove, IL

Name:  Lori L. Nichols, Director, Field Operations
Location:   Louisville, KY

Name:  Jim Roosey, Director, Field Operations
Location:   Downers Grove, IL

Name:  Gregory Zielinski, Manager, Technical Advisors
Location:   Chesterfield, MO

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