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The Intergovernmental FATCA XML Schema (version 1.1)

The FATCA XML Schema is based on business requirements collected by a multilateral working group. The schema uses elements from existing reporting schemas used by the OECD and the European Union to reduce burden on reporting entities. The .xsd files that comprise the Intergovernmental FATCA XML Schema can be viewed with a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome. The files may also be viewed with a text editor such as Microsoft Notepad, or an XML tool such as XMLSpy or XML Notepad.

FATCAXML-v1.1 (12KB) - Main schema for FATCA reporting.

ISOFATCATypes-v1.0 (72 KB) - Two-letter country codes defined in ISO 3166-1 standard and the corresponding three-letter currency codes defined in ISO 4217 standard. Referenced by main schema.

OECDTypes-v4.1 (4KB) - Defines the different types for a name and legal character of an address. Referenced by STF FATCA schema.

STFFATCATypes-v1.1 (20KB) - Common data types specific for FATCA based on the Standard Transmission Format (STF) from the OECD. Referenced by main schema.

Updated Schema Files - download zip file

If you need more information, refer to the Intergovernmental FATCA Schema Version 1.1 User Guide or a list of frequently asked questions.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 04-Nov-2014