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Food Industry Overview - Alternative Issue Resolution Considerations & Industry Resources


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10. Alternative Issue Resolution Considerations


Cost Segregation Studies relating to restaurant structures

Members of the National Restaurant Association have expressed an interest in developing an industry wide agreement on the treatment of the costs of a building used as a restaurant or it may be a good pre-filing candidate. There have been 5 restaurant PFA’s on this topic.

11. Industry Resources

A. Websites


Name of Site

Summary and Available Information

FASB Summaries

FASB Summaries

AICPA Home Page

Information from the AICPA

Rutgers Resources

Information from business library

Association for Accounting Administration


CPA Journal Home Page


Wall Street Journal Home Page


Internal Auditing Web Page


Stock History


Company Profiles


Tax and Accounting Sites

Links to CPA Sites

Search SEC documents


SEC home page


Thomas Legislative Research


TCU Professor - Tax Links

Provides links to various tax sites

News Articles


News Articles


Tax Gateway

Provides links to various sites

Nations Restaurant News

Information on the restaurant industry

Grocery Manufacturers of America Association

Largest grocery manufacturers association

National Restaurant Association

Activities and other information relating to the restaurant industry

Prepared Foods

Information about the prepared foods industry

Wall Street Research Net

Information on publicly traded restaurants

Corporate Information

Information on companies

Restaurant Seminars

Restaurant Seminars

Restaurant Industry Info

Information on Restaurant and Institutions

Restaurant Directory

Restaurant Directory

B. Trade Associations




Purpose, Goals, Objectives, etc.

Grocery Manufacturers of America

1010 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Suite 900
Washington DC 20007

To forcefully advance the public policy and trade relations interests of grocery manufacturers through aggressive, strategic government relations, communications, legal, regulatory, scientific and education advocacy and by forging cooperative industry alliances to improve the productivity and distributional efficiencies of the industry.

National Restaurant Association

1200 17th Street. NW
Washington, DC 20036

Serves its members by providing representation, education, and promotion of the restaurant industry.

Food Marketing Institute

800 Connecticut Avenue, NW,
Suite 500
Washington DC 20006

A non-profit association conducting programs in research, education and public affairs on behalf of retailers, wholesalers and their customers.

Tax Executive Institute

1200 G. St.
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20005-3814

A professional organization of business executives who are responsible for taxation matters on an administrative or policymaking level, or whose work is otherwise primarily concerned with the problems of business taxation.

C. IRS and Other Training Courses/Videotapes


Name of Course

Course Number

Delivery Method

Developer of Course and Procedures to Secure Material

No formal courses




D. Trade Magazines and Newsletters



Frequency of Publishing

Summary of Purpose/Information Included/Availability

Beverage Aisle


Subscription rate is $65.00/yr. Contains information about the beverage industry.

Frozen Food Age


Subscription rate is $115.00/yr. Contains information about the various frozen food products.

Food & Beverage Marketing


Subscription rate is $85.00/yr. Contains information about the food and beverage industry, new developments, marketing and education information.

Advertising Age


Subscription rate is $109.00/yr. Contains information about corporate advertising strategies, new products, etc.

E. Industry Books


Date of Latest Edition


Summary of Contents


Co-Op Advertising by Bob Houk, available from the Association of National Advertisers

The book describes marketing activities, development of marketing budgets, cost controls, marketing jargon, legal considerations for price structures, etc. Helps the reader understand the motivations and internal procedures relative to marketing strategies.


Great Advertising Campaigns

Discusses successful marketing strategies, brand building, etc.


Thomas Food Registry

Lists companies and their products and brands, d/b/a names and other statistical information.

F. Internal Revenue Manual Citations

IRM Section


Summary of Information Included




G. AICPA Auditing Standards and Publications


Date of Issuance


Summary of Information Included


S45 – Accounting for Franchise Fee Revenue

Discusses treatment of franchise fee revenue. Since many national restaurant chains are franchisers, this statement provides guidance.


S121- Leases

Accounting for leases: Sale-Leaseback Transaction, Involves R/E, Sales-Type Leases of Real Estate- Definition of the lease term and Initial direct costs of direct financing leases-an amendment of FASB ‘s #13, 66, 91


SOP 93-7

Discusses the treatment of advertising costs for financial accounting purposes.


SAB 101

Provides the SEC’s views in applying generally accepted accounting principles to selected revenue recognition issues.


FASB 144

FASB 144 is effective for fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2001. It provides for asset impairment losses to be recognized for financial accounting purposes

H. Market Segment Specialization Program (MSSP)


Guide Name

Retail Industry ATG - Chapter 4: Examination Techniques for the Food and Beverages Industries

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