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8957 - FATCA Registration Process (DRAFT for public review and comment)

A DRAFT of the FATCA registration form for financial institutions is available by clicking on the following link: Draft Form

Registration Process:  The draft form is released here for public review and comment and should not be printed and submitted by a financial institution in an attempt to register for FATCA.  FATCA registration can be accomplished most efficiently and effectively through an electronic online process that will avoid the need to print, complete, and mail paper forms.  The online registration portal will be available in August 2013.  The questions that will be presented in the online process will look very similar to the questions shown on the draft form released here, but they will be presented differently to make electronic completion of the process as simple as possible.  Financial institutions registering through the online process will receive notice of registration acceptance and obtain the Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) needed to demonstrate FATCA compliance on an expedited basis.

Paper alternative:  The IRS will also accept registrations that are made on paper forms.  Financial institutions should not, however, use the DRAFT form released here to submit a paper registration.  A final paper registration form that can be used for registration will be made available in August 2013.   Financial institutions, however, are strongly encouraged to use the online registration process after it becomes available in August 2013.  Paper registration forms will not be processed until January 2014 and financial institutions may experience a delay in receiving notice of registration acceptance and obtaining the GIIN needed to demonstrate FATCA compliance.

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