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Pharmaceutical Industry Overview - Alternative Issue Resolution Considerations & Industry Resources


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8. Alternative Issue Resolution Considerations - None

9. Industry Resources

A. Web Sites


Name of Site

Summary and Available Information

FDA Home Page

Info. on Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries, Regulations, Issues, etc.

The World Health Organization

Info.on health and human services issues.

Dept of Health and Human Services

Info. on health and human services issues.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Info. on Center for Disease Control, prevention, issues, etc.


Info. on Science and Health Conferences and discussion topics.

American Association of College of Pharmacy

Info. on the American Association of College and Pharmacy and different types of specialty areas.

Drug Information Association

Info. on discovery, development, evaluation and utilization of medicines and health care technologies.

The Pharmaceutica Information Network

Provides information on Pharmaceutical industry and regulatory news.


Info. on Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association of Medicines, issues, policy, and news releases.

The Virtual Library Pharmacy Page

Virtual library covering all areas of Pharmaceutical Industry from issues to regulations.

Clinical Trials Listing

Info. on status of clinical trials, services, approvals, etc.

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Provides information on the Pharmaceutical Industry based on the various relevant issues confronting the industy.

B. Trade Associations




Purpose, Goals, Objectives, etc.


Wash. D.C.

Umbrella organization for branded pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, goal is to lobby for health care legislation.


Wash. D.C.

Umbrella organization for Bio Technology research companies.


Wash. D.C.

Association of Generic Manufacturing companies

C. IRS and Other Training Courses/Videotapes - None

D. Trade Magazines and Newsletters



Frequency of Publishing

Summary of Purpose/Information Included/Availability


Twice Weekly

International Focus, Legislation, Approvals

Pink Sheets


U.S. Focus, Legislation, Approvals, Research

Pharmaceutical Executive


Company Focused, Wide overview of industry and trends, Focuses on the management of the companies.

E.  Industry Books


Date of Latest Edition


Summary of Contents

Jan 2004

Physicians Desk Reference

Contains all approved drugs, indications, ownership and manufacturing facilities

Jan 2004

Orange Book

Reference guide for marketed products, used principally by Generic Companies

Jan 2004

United States Adopted Names

Lists all names being used by pharmaceutical companies and their chemical compositions.

F.  Internal Revenue Manual Citations - None

G.  AICPA Auditing Standards and Publications - None

H.  Market Segment Specialization Program (MSSP) - None

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