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Mode Code Questions

Mode Code “BA” Reporting Blended or Reclassified Product

Mode code BA is used for product reclassifications or conversions of products that result in a product code change only.

Product reclassifications are not accounting journal entries correcting the books of the business.  (See Appendix M Product Reclassification of Publication 3536).

Use of mode code BA to report transactions not involving product conversions may result in penalty for incorrect reporting; failure to include proper BA product conversion may result in penalty for incomplete reporting. An example of the proper use of mode code BA for reporting product conversions can be found in Appendix M of Publication 3536.

In-tank Transfers Between Position Holders Should Not be Reported

In tank transfers should not be reported. ExSTARS tracks the physical inventory (regardless of the position holder) and actual fuel movements in and out of terminals.  In-tank transfers do not affect inventory and do not represent any fuel movement.

Mode Codes “RF” and “RS” Reporting End Use Transactions

Mode code RF is used when a refueling vessel loads fuel at a FCN for end-use to refuel vessels on waterways.

Mode code RS is used when products are dispensed at a FCN for end-use or consumption in small quantities. For example, refueling snowmobiles, and other small over-the-rack disbursements.

Mode Codes for Imports and Exports Reporting Products Entering and Leaving the US

Imports - Reportable products entered into the US by an importer of record / enterer.  Only the transaction codes listed are allowed – i.e. IJ, IR, IB, IS or IP (for pipeline). Reporting the country of origin is optional (See Country Code List - Appendix K of Publication 3536)

Exports - Reportable products leaving the US.  Only the transaction codes listed are allowed – i.e. EJ, ER, EB, ES or EP (for pipeline). Reporting the destination country is optional (see Country Code List - Appendix K).   If the transaction involves a foreign flagged vessel that does not have an EIN, Use the Position Holder in the carrier EIN field.

Mode Code “CE”  Reporting Transactions in Summary

Mode code CE is used to summarize multiple transactions when summary reporting is allowed. Optional daily summary reporting can also be used for certain disbursements from approved terminals at railroad refueling facilities. See Appendix L of Publication 3536. Optional summary reporting is also allowed for reporting product codes 001, 049, 092, 122, 188, and 960. (See Appendix M of Publication 3536)

Mode Code “AJ” and “AH” Reporting for Certain Disbursements from Approved Terminals at Airports

Mode code AJ is used to report removal by an Airport Truck refueler.  (See Appendix L of Publication 3536)

Mode code AH is used to report removal by an Airport Hydrant system.  (See Appendix L of Publication 3536)

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