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Serve A Levy


If a levy has been served and your property has been seized, this section will provide you information on levies of wages, bank accounts, retirement, and claims for reimbursement.

Federal and State Levy Programs
If your federal payments, state income tax refund, or Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend have been levied, this section will give you information on who to call and what to do to resolve the problem.

How Do I Get a Levy Released?
If an IRS levy has been issued to your employer, bank or other party, learn the steps to take to get the levy released.

What Happens After My Property is Seized and How Do I Get It Back?
Learn what actions the IRS takes after seizing your property and the steps to take to get the seizure released.

Selling Your Property
Find out IRS requirements for posting of public notices for pending sales.

Redeeming Your Real Estate
Find out about IRS redemptions.

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