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Subscribing to the Tax Calendar using Outlook 2010

The IRS is not responsible for any errors caused by calendars not properly updating in any application or the misuse of the calendars.


  1. Open Outlook 2010
  2. Select the File tab
  3. Click on the arrow in the "Open Calendar" button
  4. Select "From Internet" from the dropdown list
  5. In the "New Internet Calendar Subscription" popup window, copy and paste one of the following URLs based on your needs:
    • All Dates: (includes all general events, employer events and excise events):
    • General Dates: (does not include any employer or excise events): 
    • Employer Dates: (includes the general events and employer events):
    • Excise Dates: (includes the general events and excise events):
  6. Click the OK button
  7. The "Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook" window should pop up
  8. (Optional) If you wish to change the calendar folder name and description click on the "Advanced" options button
  9. Click Yes to add the calendar


  • Outlook 2010 will update the Tax Calendar every time you send and receive email
  • To display or hide the Tax Calendar, click the box next to the calendar name under "Other Calendars"
Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 2012-08-04