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Form 990 Resources and Tools for the General Public

The general public, including contributors to tax-exempt organizations, may find the following materials of particular interest.

If you want to:

Check out these resources:

Find out the requirements to file exempt organizations annual returns

FAQs about the Annual Reporting Requirements for Exempt Organizations

Form 990 Series Reporting Requirements

Get a copy of an organization's return or application form

  • From the organization

  • From the IRS


FAQs About the Exempt Organization Public Disclosure Requirements

Charitable Organizations - Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements

Exempt Organizations - Disclosures Required

Exempt Organizations Public Disclosure - Obtaining Copies of Documents from IRS

Find out what kinds of organizations are tax-exempt

Six Important Facts about Tax-Exempt Organizations

Types of Tax-Exempt Organizations

Life Cycle of an Exempt Organization

Find out if an organization is a tax-exempt charity Search for Charities
Get statistics about tax-exempt organizations, including a list of organizations the IRS recognizes as exempt

Statistical Information About Tax-Exempt Organizations

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