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EO Update Archive 2014

Issue Highlights Date
  1. New options for automatically revoked organizations to apply for reinstatement
  2. IRS issues proposed correction and disclosure procedures for failures to meet new requirements for charitable hospitals; invites public comments
  3. IRS confirms charitable hospitals may continue to rely on proposed regulations pending further guidance
  4. Read current guidance on user fees for employee plans and exempt organizations   
  1. Phone forum: Good governance makes sense for exempt organizations
  2. Review revenue procedures for 2014
  3. Interactive Form 1023 update
  1. Phone forum: Governance help for exempt organizations
  2. Current Form 990 series forms/instructions & significant changes
  3. EO’s free e-newsletter helps keep charities and nonprofits up to date
  4. IRS tax videos will help you file in 2014
  1. Register for upcoming phone forum: Form 990-N and 990-EZ filing tips (Part 1 of the Form 990-Series)
  2. Register for EO workshops
  3. Cost of employer-sponsored health insurance may appear on Form W-2
  4. Want to file Forms 941 instead of Form 944?
  5. PTIN expiration letters sent  
  1. What if the IRS needs more information on your application?
  2. Review Revenue Procedure 2014-19
  3. Register for EO workshops
  4. IRS offers Health Care Tax Tips to help individuals understand tax provisions in the Affordable Care Act
  5. IRS releases the “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams for 2014
  6. Charities and Their Volunteers phone forum presentation posted
  7. Interactive Form 1023 updated
  1. IRS phone forum scheduled March 27: Veterans Organizations: Help from the IRS on Key Rules
  2. Changes made to EO Select Check
  3. Exempt Organizations Business Master File Extract page updated
  4. Register for EO workshop
  5. Revenue Procedure 2014-22 posted
  6. IRS phone forum Q&As/presentations posted
  1. Register for the Form 990 Filing Tips webcast presentation
  2. IRS Commissioner speaks at National Press Club
  3. IRS issues guidance on treatment of unrelated business income of state chartered credit unions
  4. Don't include Social Security numbers on publicly disclosed forms
  5. IRS phone forum Q&As/presentations posted
  6. Register for EO workshop
  1. IRS releases draft of easier to use Form 1023-EZ for charities seeking tax-exempt status
  2. Register for the Form 990 Filing Tips webcast presentation
  3. IRS to amend regulations regarding treatment of U.S. persons owning passive foreign investment company stock through tax-exempt organizations
  4. Register for EO workshop
  5. Procedural guidance update  

Register for the IRC 501(c)(6) Organizations phone forum

  1. IRS to Exempt Organizations as Filing Deadline Nears: Remember to File and Don’t Include SSNs on Form 990
  2. Treasury and the IRS invite public comment on recommendations for 2014–2015 Priority Guidance Plan
  3. EO Business Master File Web page link updated
  4. Disaster Relief Resources for Charities and Contributors
  5. Watch new small business health care tax credit YouTube video
  1. ACT submits UBIT recommendations
  2. IRS adopts "Taxpayer Bill of Rights"
  3. Register for the June 26 webcast: Unrelated
  4. Business Income (UBI) and Exempt Organizations
  5. IRS recorded phone forum presentations posted
    New FBAR Form 114 due June 30
  1. New 1023-EZ Form Makes Applying to be Tax-Exempt Easier; Most Charities Qualify
  1. Register for the July 24 webinar: How to apply to be tax-exempt (including new Form 1023-EZ
  2. Office of Professional Responsibility issues revisions to Circular 230
  3. New Voluntary Education Program for 2015 for registered tax return preparers
  4. Review posted presentation: Veterans Organizations – Help from the IRS on key rules
  5. Register for EO workshops
  1. YouTube video:  Learn about the new Form 1023-EZ
  2. Register for the July 24 webinar: How to apply to be tax-exempt (including new Form 1023-EZ)
  3. Phone forum: 403(b) plans update and latest  developments - July 28, 2014
  4. Register for EO workshops
  1. Update to Form 1023-EZ instructions
  2. Register for EO workshops
  3. IRS presentations on exempt organization topics posted
  1. Register for IRS phone forum this Thursday: Essential Information for 501(c)(8) and 501(c)(10) Fraternal Organizations
  2. IRS "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" Available in six languages; 10 Key Rights Outlined in Updated Publication 1
  3. Register for EO workshops
  1. Register for IRS Phone Forum:  Stay Exempt – A Guide for Charitable Organizations with Changing Leadership
  2. Register for EO workshops
  3. Phone forum questions & answers available
  1. Register for IRS Phone Forum: Helping 501(c)(3) organizations with charitable contributions (a primer)
  2. Register for EO workshops


  1. Register for IRS webinar: Introduction to tax-exempt status
  2. Register for EO workshops
  3. PTIN renewal season underway
  4. In 2015, various tax benefits increase due to inflation adjustments
  5. IRS announces tax guidance related to Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone
  6. Notice 2014-67 issued  


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