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EO Update January 22, 2010

Issue Number: 2010-3

Inside This Issue

  1. Reminder: File Form 990 Series Returns Timely to Preserve Tax-Exempt Status
  2. IRS Announces Qualified Disaster Treatment for Haiti
  3. Register Now! New Small and Mid-sized Workshop Locations Added for Spring


1. Reminder: File Form 990 Series Returns Timely to Preserve Tax-Exempt Status

Most tax-exempt organizations, other than churches, must file an annual Form 990 series return with the IRS. It is important to file a timely return because an organization that does not file a required Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-PF or 990-N ("e-Postcard") for three consecutive years will automatically lose its Federal tax-exempt status. Non-filers will be subject to automatic revocation for the first time beginning in 2010. See IR-2010-10 for further information.

Organizations, practitioners and others should feel free to use our useful fact sheet and drop-in media in newsletters or on their Web sites to communicate the importance of filing timely returns to avoid the automatic revocation of tax-exempt status. 


 2.  IRS Announces Qualified Disaster Treatment for Haiti

The IRS today announced  that it has issued guidance designating the Haiti earthquake occurring in January 2010 as a qualified disaster for federal tax purposes.  The guidance allows recipients of qualified disaster relief payments to exclude those payments from income tax.  Also, the guidance allows employer-sponsored private foundations to assist victims in areas affected by the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti without affecting their tax-exempt status.  

Organizations described in section 501(c)(3), especially employer sponsored private foundations, should refer to Publication 3833, Disaster Relief, Providing Assistance Through Charitable Organizations and other disaster relief resources for charities and contributors on IRS.go for additional information. 


 3.  Register Now ! New Small and Mid-Sized Workshop Locations Added for Spring

Are you planning to visit Washington, DC this spring?  We've recently added workshops for small and mid-sized 501(c)(3) organizations in the Washington, DC area to our Calendar of Events on May 25-27.  

Each one-day workshop, presented by experienced Exempt Organizations specialists, will explain what 501(c)(3) organizations must do to keep their tax-exempt status and comply with tax obligations. This popular introductory workshop is designed especially for administrators or volunteers who are responsible for an organization's tax compliance. 

Spring workshops also will be held in Atlanta, GA (March 2-4), Sacramento, CA (March 16-18) and Seattle, WA (May 11-13).  Find more information on our Calendar of Events and register on-line


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