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Amended Return - Next Steps

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Response and Refund Information

Once your amended return has completed processing you will receive a notice confirming the change you requested.  If your claim contained errors and we were able to correct them you will receive a letter explaining the changes we made.  If your claim results in a refund we will mail the refund to the current address you entered on Form 1040X.  You cannot request a direct deposit on an amended return.

The notice and the refund check will be mailed separately and may not arrive on the same date.

Balance Due and Payment Information

If you enclose a payment with your balance due return, the check will be cashed upon receipt and the credit will be held to apply against your resulting balance due.  If the payment does not fully pay your balance the notice you receive will show your current balance including any applicable interest and penalties. You will still receive the adjustment notice mentioned in the Response and Refund Information paragraph above.

Learn about the different payment options on our payments page.


Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 25-Feb-2014