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October 2014
  • Director’s message
  • General Welfare Exclusions webcast
  • Business Filer Notices
  • Changes to the second “B” Notice process
  • Internal controls help Tribes reduce fraud and abusive schemes
  • Complying with payroll recordkeeping requirements
  • Ten things to know about IRS Notices and Letters
  • Report phishing
  • ITG fights abuses and schemes against Tribes
  • Outreach update
July 2014
  • Director’s message
  • Tribes: have you filed your Form 11-C?
  • How to avoid an “averaged” failure-to-deposit penalty
  • Changes coming to Social Security
  • Outreach update
  • Arizona training opportunities
  • Pacific Northwest training opportunities
April 2014
  • Director’s message
  • Social Security Administration contacts
  • Form 11-C due July 1
  • Protect yourself from Identity Theft
  • Taxpayer Advocate Service recommendations
  • What can an ITG Specialist do for you?
  • Outreach update
  • Arizona training opportunities
  • Pacific Northwest training opportunities
January 2014
  • Director’s message
  • Reporting Tribal (per capita) distributions on your 2013 tax return
  • Truncating payee social security numbers
  • Indian employment tax credit extended through 2013
  • Helpful hints for year-end reconciliation
  • Filing deadlines for Forms W-2 and 1099
  • Mailing Forms W-2, W-3, W-2C and W-3C
  • IRS tax volunteers
  • Outreach update
  • Pacific Northwest training opportunities
  • New Mexico training opportunities
October 2013
  • Director’s message
  • Keepseagle settlement payments are taxable
  • Requesting comments: employer and insurer reporting under the Affordable Care Act
  • ITG Voluntary Closing Agreements
  • Park v. Commissioner has no impact on casino information reporting
  • Funds from Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal nations is not taxable
  • Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP)
  • IRS guidance on sick leave plans
  • How to get IRS forms and publications
  • Reporting merchant card and third party network payments
  • Indian Tribal Settlement Taxes phone forum now available
  • Outreach update
  • Alaska training opportunities
  • Arizona training opportunities
July 2013
  • Director’s message
  • Tribally sponsored self-insured group plans and the Affordable Care Act
  • Reporting abuses and schemes
  • Tribes: have you filed your Form 11-C?
  • Noncash payouts
  • Ten things to know about the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS)
  • Low Income Taxpayer Clinics
  • ITG thanks the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) volunteers!
  • Outreach successes
  • Arizona training opportunities
  • Washington training opportunities
April 2013
  • Director’s message
  • General Welfare Refunds
  • New FinCEN filing system
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) On-Line Matching
  • Tribal committee and board members: employees or contractors?
  • Paying proposed exam adjustments and penalties with EFTPS
  • Social Security Administration contacts for payroll purposes
  • ITG customer satisfaction survey is coming!
  • Form 11-C due July 1st
  • Outreach successes
  • Pacific Northwest training opportunities
  • Arizona training opportunities
January 2013
  • Director’s message
  • Treasury and the IRS release Tribal General Welfare Guidance
  • Hurricane Sandy relief – retirement plan loans & distributions
  • Cobell settlement finalized
  • Revenue Ruling 2012-18: new tip guidance
  • Withholding on payments made to foreign persons
  • Online video tax presentations
  • Reporting Tribal (per capita) distributions on your 2012 tax return
  • The benefits of having a tip agreement
  • Is a Limited Liability Company a corporation?
  • 2013 standard mileage rates increased
  • Governmental plans can elect second Cycle E
  • Updated ITIN procedure changes
  • Helpful hints for year-end reconciliation of Forms W-2 & 941
  • Mailing Forms W-2, W-3, W-2c and W-3c
  • FSA: a new free way to file your income tax return
  • Go Direct – get federal tax payments via Direct Deposit
  • Filing deadlines for Forms W-2 and 1099
  • Don't fall for phony IRS websites
  • Outreach successes
  • Upcoming Alaska training opportunities
  • Upcoming Arizona training opportunities
October 2012
  • Director’s Message
  • IRS announces Tribal Economic Development Bond re-allocation process
  • Distributions from settlements not taxable
  • Additional Medicare tax
  • Updated guidance on tips vs. service charges
  • Guidance on casino Bank Secrecy Act rules
  • Update on OFAC Information
  • Suspicious activity reporting in the gaming industry
  • Western area hires new ITG specialist
  • Outreach highlights
  • Upcoming training in the Southwest
June 2012
  • Director’s Message
  • Webinar for Indian Tribal Governments
  • Social Security Administration and IRS Reconciliation Processes
  • Fuel Tax Exemptions and Federal Excise Tax Refund Guidelines
  • FinCEN Reminder
  • Required Forms of Identification for Casino Winners
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Volunteers – Thank You!
  • Pacific Northwest Training Opportunities: Seeking Venues
  • Upcoming Arizona Training Opportunities
  • Western Region Advanced Employment Tax Training Classes
  • Outreach Successes
April 2012
  • Director’s Message
  • Meetings on Possible ITG Governmental Plan Guidance
  • Health Savings Accounts Eligibility
  • VOW To Hire Heroes Act of 2011
  • July 2nd is Due Date for 2012 Filing Forms 11-C
  • FinCEN Reports Going Paperless
  • FinCEN Advises on Confidentiality of SARs
  • Title 31 Help Available
  • What the Taxpayer Advocate Service Can Do For You!
  • Top Tips Every Taxpayer Should Know about Identity Theft
  • Four Ways to Get IRS Forms and Publications
  • Getting Ready for Pow Wow Season
  • Federal Tax Information Available Through Social Media
  • ITG Outreach Successes
  • Upcoming Arizona Training Opportunities
  • Pacific Northwest Training Opportunities
January 2012
  • Director’s Message
  • White House Tribal Nations Conference
  • ITG Announces Updated Indian Gaming Regulatory Act Trust Guidance
  • Updated Instructions for Correcting or Amending Paper Bank Secrecy Act Forms
  • New Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program Guidance
  • Valuing Personal Use of Employer-Provided Vehicle
  • The Form W-9 from the Payer Perspective
  • How to Report Tribal Distributions on Your 2011 Tax Return
  • Helpful Hints for Year-End Reconciliation of W-2's & 941’s
  • Annual Tax Forms
  • Outreach Successes
  • Upcoming Alaska Training Opportunities
  • Upcoming Arizona Training Opportunities
October 2011
  • Director’s Message
  • New Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program
  • When Do You Need a Form W-8BEN?
  • Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
  • FinCEN Proposes Mandatory Electronic Filing of Forms
  • Year-end Reconciliation of Forms 941 and W-2
  • E-mail Scams
  • EFTPS Payments
  • What is a de minimis Fringe Benefit to an Employee?
  • Are Prizes or Awards Taxable?
  • Taxability of Gift Cards
  • Ten Things to Know About the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS)
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Success Stories
  • ITG Outreach Successes
  • Upcoming Arizona Training Opportunities
July 2011
  • Message from the Director
  • Information Reporting Webinar for Indian Tribal Governments
  • July 1st is Due Date for Filing Forms 11-C
  • A Notice from the IRS: What Should a Tribe Do?
  • Expanded Form 1099 Requirements Repealed
  • Optional Standard Mileage Rates
  • Bank Secrecy Act Findings
  • FinCEN Simplifies Structure of its Rules and Regulations
  • New Instructions for Form 941
  • Special Rules for Reporting Election Worker Compensation Earned Income Credit
  • Casino’s Trade Name and Legal Name
  • Federal Tax Deposit Penalties
  • Deceased Employee's Wages - General Instructions for Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC
  • The Importance of Form W-9
  • Reissuance of Debt Obligations: Some Basic Concepts
  • The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program
  • Outreach Successes
  • Alaska Training Opportunity
  • Message from the Director
  • Affordable Care Act W-2 Reporting Requirement Exemption
  • Bonuses - Tax Treatment
  • Elimination of Direct Mailouts
  • Vendor Verification & Excluded Parties List System
  • Federal Tax Deposits Changing to Business Days
  • Increase in Information Return Penalties
  • Try Fast Track Settlement
  • Getting Ready for Pow Wow Season
  • Common Errors on Filing FinCEN Form 103
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Reporting
  • Pacific Northwest Training Opportunities


Individual Issues

  • What to Do If You are Missing a W-2
  • Filing for a Dependent - Per Capita Distributions


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