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We Changed Your Tax Return
Because We Found a Calculation Error

We’re sending you this notice to explain why we changed your Employer’s Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax return for the above tax period.

Why We Changed Your Tax Return

One or more explanations for the changes will print here on the mailed notice.

Because of this change, you owe {$ amount}.   Please check your figures against those shown below.

How We Changed Your Account Balance

The correct amount of total deposits, credits and payments credited to this account, if any, were applied against any corrections made to your tax to determine the amount of balance due or refund.

The total amount applied to this account is shown below. (You may also find a table listing each amount and the date the amount was applied.)

The following is a list of payments we have credited to your account for the above tax return and tax period:








Total Deposits, Credits and Payments



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