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You Must Return the Response Form by {response date}.

1. Why are you getting this notice?

The income and payment information (e.g., income tax withheld, wages, miscellaneous income, interest, etc.) that we have on file does not match entries on your {tax year} {form #}. If this information is correct, you will owe {$ amount}.

The proposed changes to your tax are listed below.

Summary of Proposed Changes

{tax year} Tax Increase

{$ amount}

Payment Decrease

{$ amount}

Penalties - may not include all applicable penalties

{$ amount}

Interest - if paid by {due date}

{$ amount}

Proposed Balance Due

{$ amount}

2. What steps should you take?

Following these steps can help you understand this notice.

  1. Review your {tax year} tax return.
  2. Compare your return to the information in the Explanation Section - page 5.
  3. Decide if the information in the Explanation Section is correct.
  4. Check the answers to Frequently Asked Questions - page 2.
  5. Complete and return the Response Form in the enclosed envelope - page 3.
  6. Complete and return the Installment Agreement Request (enclosed) if you need to set up a payment plan.
  7. Review your rights in The Examination Process Booklet (enclosed).

3. What happens if you don't respond by {due date} ?

We will send you a final notice, followed by a bill. During this time, interest will increase and certain penalties may apply.

CP2000 (Rev.11/2004)

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