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CP 2000 Sample Contents Page 4

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STEP C Contact Information
1.  Please verify your address and note any corrections below.  (Print clearly.)

                                                        Make any address corrections here

{name & address}



2.  Please list your phone numbers and the best time to call below.
Home                                                Best Time to Call
Work                                                  Best Time to Call

3.  If you would like to authorize someone, in addition to you, to contact IRS concerning this notice, please include the person's contact information and sign below.

Name                                                Phone

I authorize the person listed above to discuss information with and provide information to IRS about this notice.


Signature                                       Date

The authority granted in Step C is limited as indicated by the statement above the signature line.  The contact may not sign returns, enter into agreements, or otherwise represent you before the IRS.  If you want to have a designee with expanded authorization, see IRS Publication 947, Practice Before the IRS and Power of Attorney.


Before Mailing Please make sure you have:

[  ] Completed Steps A, B, and C (both sides of this form).
[  ] Included this form and your payment (if applicable) in the envelope provided.
[  ] Included the Installment Agreement Request (if applicable) in the envelope
[  ] Made a copy for your records of the Response Form and the Installment
     Agreement Request
if you used it.
[  ] Checked that the IRS address shows through the envelope window.

CP2000 (Rev.11/2004)

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