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Explanation Section

How to Review This Section
  1. Compare your records with the records we received under Information Reported to IRS.
  2. Review the Reasons for the Changes to see why we changed your return.
  3. Proceed to Changes to Your Return to see how your new tax was calculated.
  4. Once you have fully reviewed the Explanation Section, please complete and return the Response Form in the envelope provided.
1. Information Reported to IRS that differs from the amounts shown on your return.

This section tells you specifically what income information IRS has received about you from others (including your employers, banks, mortgage holders, etc.).  The information listed below does not match the information you listed on your tax return.  Use this table to compare the data IRS has received from others to the information you listed on your tax return to understand where the discrepancy, or difference, occurred.  To assist you in reviewing your income amounts, the table may include both reported and unreported amounts from the same payer.

If this information is correct, your tax increase is {$ amount} plus all applicable penalties, interest and payment adjustments such as federal tax withholding, excess social security tax withheld, etc.  If you pay in full by {due date}, you'll owe {$ amount}.


Item No. Issue Received From Account Information Amount Reported to IRS by Others Amount Included on Your Return Difference
1 TAXABLE WAGES {name/address} SSN
Form W-2
{$ amount} {$ amount} {$ amount}
    TAXABLE WAGES Total {$ amount} {$ amount} {$ amount}
2 TAX WITHHELD {name/address} SSN
Form W-2
{$ amount} {$ amount} {$ amount}
    TAX WITHHELD Total {$ amount} {$ amount} {$ amount}

CP2000 (Rev.11/2004)

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