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Correction and Overpayment Notice - This Notice Requires a Response

We have corrected an error on your return for the reason(s) listed below.

In addition, there is also a difference between the total credits claimed on your return and the total credits applied to your account, resulting in a potential overpayment.

Our records show the following:

Tax as reported on return

Corrected tax

Total estimated tax payment (ESP)

Credit applied from prior period (CR)

Other credits (OTHER)

Total deposits, credits and payments

Less: overpayment applied to next period



Total overpayment applied to next period, plus

Penalty and interest

Remaining overpayment on account

The credits applied to your account are listed below. Please check your records and indicate on this notice which of these credits, if any, we should apply to other types of tax or tax periods. You must respond within 30 days. This will allow us time to make necessary corrections before the overpayment is refunded or applied to other taxes that may be due.

Note: We will apply the resulting overpayment to any outstanding balance before issuing a refund.







«date posted» 


«$ amount» 




We made the corrections for the following reason(s):

One or more explanations for the changes will print here on the mailed notice.
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