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What Happens If You Don't Reply

If we don't hear from you within 30 days, we'll send you a letter and a report disallowing the tax return items we've questioned.  We'll let you know how much tax, penalties and interest we think you owe.  We'll also explain how you can appeal if you disagree.

How to Get Help

You can only complete this receive by mailing or faxing us the information we've requested.

However, we've enclosed Publication 3498-A, The Examination Process, to help you understand this review and your appeal rights.  It will explain your right to have someone help or represent you.  Please visit our website at to learn more about the examination process.

You can also call our toll-free number {appropriate #} with any questions you may have about this letter or the information we need.

Your local IRS office can provide free help.  You can find your nearest IRS office listed in your local phone book or at  A Low Income Taxpayer Clinic may be able to offer you free help.  The enclosed Publication 4134, Low Income Taxpayer Clinic List, lists the clinics' locations and their eligibility guidelines.

Follow These Steps

  1. Read the enclosed forms and publications and call us if you have questions or need help.
  2. Gather the information explained on the first page of this letter.
  3. Make clear, readable copies of the information and keep the originals for your records.
  4. Fill in your telephone numbers and the best time to call on the stub.  (You can find the stub on the last page of this letter.)
  5. You can send us your information in the enclosed envelope or you can use your own envelope.  Be sure to enclose the stub.  Send all information to us at the address on this letter.
  6. You also can fax the stub with your documents to fax number {appropriate #}  (not toll-free).


If you can't get all your information to us within the 30 days, call us at our toll-free number, {appropriate #}, to discuss what you need to do.

Form 886-H-DEP, Supporting Documents for Dependency Exemptions
Form 886-H-HOH, Supporting Documents for Head of Household Filing Status
Form 886-H-EIC, Supporting Documents for Taxpayers Claiming EIC
Publication 3498-A, The Examination Process
Publication 4134, Low Income Taxpayer Clinic List
Return Envelope

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