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EITC Information for IRS Partners

You can help promote EITC, Earned Income Tax Credit, by using your communication network so more people that are eligible receive the credit. This brings more dollars into your community. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of taxes owed. EITC is a refundable credit, meaning workers can reduce their tax to zero and then receive a refund of any remaining credit.

Network with other employers, government offices and agencies, social service organizations and other groups in your community who have a vested interest in reaching and educating low income workers about EITC. Find out how you can help…send an email to

Find more information about Becoming an IRS Partner to Help your Community

Your organization can also get involved in the community by sponsoring a VITA, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site in your community to prepare tax returns for those who cannot prepare their own and help them keep more of their refund.

What's Hot!

Find the latest information and products on what's going on with EITC and promoting EITC awareness and financial independence. Visit EITC Central's What's Hot

EITC Awareness Day, Friday, January 30, 2015

IRS invites community organizations, elected officials, state and local governments, schools, employers, and other interested parties to join a national grassroots effort spotlighting EITC. IRS estimates four of five eligible taxpayers claim and get this important credit. Help ensure everyone gets the EITC they earned.  And, EITC is a financial boost for working people and your local economy. Read more about EITC Awareness Day.

Reaching Out!

We need your help to capture the attention of those eligible for EITC and motivate them to explore whether they qualify. And, point them to no-cost options for tax return help-volunteer tax assistance and Free File. Join us in getting the word out to those who qualify but don't file a tax return. Explore our Partner's Outreach Toolkit for ideas and the products you need to get the word out. Or, see our Quick EITC Outreach kit highlighting some ideas and our key products.


EITC Central – Your home for all things EITC!

On EITC Central, you will find the latest news on EITC. Plus, fact sheets, statistics, marketing tools, ready-made information flyers and posters, customizable products, templates, links to other helpful resources and more.

EITC Central has specialized sections designed for partners, preparers and press. It also has EITC Marketing Express where you customize flyers and posters with your name, logo, phone number, hours of service, and web address.

Use our toolkit designed just for you: 


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