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Helpful resources: Publications, articles, YouTube videos and other identity theft related outreach

Consumer alerts and tax scams

YouTube-housed videos related to identity theft


Fact Sheets

  • FS-2015-1, IRS Combats Identity Theft and Refund Fraud on Many Fronts
  • FS-2015-2, Identity Theft Information for Taxpayers and Victims


Press Releases

  • IR-2015-07, Identity Theft a Major Concern on the IRS Annual "Dirty Dozen" List of Tax Scams to Avoid
  • IR-2015-05, Phone Scams Continue to be Serious Threat, Remain on IRS "Dirty Dozen" List of Tax Scams for 2015 Filing Season
  • IR-2014-53, IRS Reiterates Warning of Pervasive Telephone Scam
  • IR-2014-50, IRS Intensifies Work on Identity Theft and Refund Fraud; Criminal Investigation Enforcement Actions Underway Across the Nation
  • IR-2014-39, IRS Warns of New Email Phishing Scheme Falsely Claiming to be from the Taxpayer Advocate Service
  • IR-2014-16, IRS Releases the “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams for 2014; Identity Theft, Phone Scams Lead List
  • IR-2014-5, Watch Out for Tax Scams as Filing Season Opening Nears
  • IR-2013-84, IRS Warns of Pervasive Telephone Scam
  • IR-2013-34, IRS Expands Law Enforcement Assistance Program on Identity Theft to 50 States
  • IR-2013-33, IRS Releases the Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2013
  • IR-2013-17, IRS Intensifies National Crackdown on Identity Theft January 2013
  • IR-2012-29 - Tax Scam Warning: Beware of Phony Refund Scheme Abusing Popular College Tax Credit; Senior Citizens, Working Families and Church Members Are Targets
  • IR-2012-23 - IRS Releases the Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2012
  • IR-2011-73 - IRS Urges Taxpayers to Avoid Becoming Victims of Tax Scams
  • IR-2009-71 - IRS Alerts Public to New Identity Theft Scams

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