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How Do I Claim EITC?

You can’t get EITC, unless you file a Federal tax return and claim it. If you have a qualifying child, you must file the Schedule EIC listing the children with either the Form 1040A or the Form 1040. If you do not have a qualifying child, you can use the Form 1040EZ or the 1040A or 1040.

We have help for you whether you prepare your own return or have someone prepare it for you. Choose one of the following topics to help you claim EITC:

Are you planning to prepare your own return?

Free File and Fillable Tax Forms are available if you do it yourself. Let Free File do the hard work for you with brand-name software. You can prepare and e-file your federal return free. Participating software companies make their products available through the IRS. Some also support state tax returns.

Or, use Free File Fillable Forms, online versions of our paper forms designed for people comfortable preparing their own tax returns. This option does not offer state tax returns and performs only basic calculations. But, you can submit the completed forms to IRS electronically for faster, accurate processing.


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