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Single Year VITA Grant Recipient

Getting Started:

Welcome! We're excited to have you as a grantee. We look forward to the coming year.

Managing the Grant:

Now that you have the grant, it's time to ensure your processes for managing the funds are in place and that you can access the funds on-line.

  • My responsibilities as a single year recipient - In order to be considered for subsequent grant opportunities the recipient must:
  • Grant Management - Check the Grant Programs Resource Guide for useful aids in grant management.
  • Accessing Grant Funds - Use the Payment Management System to request and report funding information.

Closing the Grant:

Find out what to do when the project period ends and it's time to submit the final report, Final Reporting Requirements. The final report must be filed by September 30, which is 90 days after the project period ends (June 30).



  • Publication 4671, VITA Grant Program Overview and Application Instructions
  • Publication 4883, Grant Programs Resource Guide - Assistance in understanding requirements of the VITA and TCE Grant Programs.
  • Publication 1084, IRS Volunteer Site Coordinator's Handbook - Guidance on managing and operating a VITA site.
  • Publication 3189, Volunteer e-file Administration Guide - Guidance on electronic filing in the VITA and TCE Programs.

Additional Resources:

  • VITA Grant Workbook - The workbook provides templates for use in reporting prior year performance, proposed returns, sites, focus, matching funds, budget detail information, and reporting cash sub-awards or third party transactions.
  • VITA Grant FAQs - The most frequently asked questions regarding the VITA Grant process.
  • Civil Rights/Reporting Requirement Highlights - Get an overview of the civil rights and reporting requirements for grant recipients.

Important Links:

  • Division of Payment Management - Provides the on-line payment management system for funds request, disbursement and reporting.
  • Office of Management and Budget - Circulars governing the administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements for grant recipients.
  • System for Award Management (SAM) -  SAM is a free web site that consolidates the capabilities found previously in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS).  Organizations interested in applying for the VITA or TCE grants must maintain an active registration in SAM.  It also contains information on organizations and individuals that are excluded from receiving federal funds.
  • Sub-award Reporting - Reporting of first tier sub-awards.  Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Addendum, Form 13981 for guidance on reporting sub-awards.


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