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The “What Ifs” of an Economic Downturn
Here are some “What if” scenarios and the possible tax impact.

Identity theft and your records
The IRS does not initiate communication with taxpayers through e-mail. Before identity theft happens, safeguard your information.

Frequently Asked Tax Questions and Answers
Search the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Main Index of Tax Topics
These Tax Topics contain general individual and business tax information.

Tax Trails - Main Menu
Choose this interactive journey to help answer your questions on tax credits, taxable income and other tax topics of immediate concern to you.

How to Contact the IRS
The IRS is a big organization. To serve you best, we have established several contact points, tailored to serve specific purposes.

Publication 17
The only tax guide most individuals need.

Need a Copy of Your Tax Return Information?
You have two easy and convenient options for getting copies of your federal tax return information -- tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts -- by phone or by mail.

Adoption Credit page
Many taxpayers and their tax professionals claiming the newly-expanded adoption credit are slowing down their refund by failing to include required documentation, such as an adoption order or decree, with their return. If you do not attach all the required documentation such as an adoption decree or subsidy agreement to your return or your taxpayer’s return, your refund will be delayed.



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