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VITA Grant FAQs Category: Multi-Year Award

1. We received the grant through a lead agency in the past. Are we considered a prior year recipient and eligible for a multi-year award?
Only the agency that received the grant is considered a prior year recipient for purposes of a multi-year award.

2. When applying for a multi-year award, do we submit a budget for one year only or for all three years?

The budget detail information and the amount requested on the Standard Form 424, Application for Federal Assistance, is for one year.

3. For purposes of demonstrating we met the production goal from our earlier grant, does each site we operate need to meet the goal we established or does our entire program (covered by the grant) need to meet the goal?

The entire program covered by the grant is used to determine whether an applicant interested in the multi-year grant award met their prior year goal.

4. Did I understand that an organization must score 90 points or better on the technical evaluation to be considered for a multi-year award?

No.  In order to be considered for a multi-year award, your organization must score 90 percent on the technical evaluation portion.  For the VITA Grant, which uses a 200 point scale, this is 180 points.


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