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Correcting Plan Errors – Fill-in VCP Submission Documents

Revenue Procedure 2013-12 contains several schedules to help you complete the VCP submission process. 

Model VCP submission documents

Use these documents to streamline your Voluntary Correction Program submission. You may not modify the format and content of the model Appendix C documents. 

Appendix C Model VCP Compliance Statement (Part I)
Helps ensure that you include all the necessary information for processing your VCP submission:

Appendix C Schedules (Part II)
You can use one or more of these schedules with your Model Compliance Statement to resolve certain qualification failures. If you aren't using the Model Compliance Statement, you may still use these schedules.

  • Schedule 1 - Interim and Certain Discretionary Nonamender Failures

  • Schedule 2 - Nonamender Failures (other than those to which Schedule 1 applies) and Failure to Adopt a 403(b) Plan Timely

  • Schedule 3 - SEPs and SARSEPs

  • Schedule 4 - SIMPLE IRAs

  • Schedule 5 - Plan Loan Failures (Qualified Plans and 403(b) Plans)

  • Schedule 6 - Employer Eligibility Failure (401(k) and 403(b) Plans only)

  • Schedule 7 - Failure to Distribute Elective Deferrals in Excess of the IRC Section 402(g) Limit

  • Schedule 8 - Failure to Pay Required Minimum Distributions Timely under IRC Section 401(a)(9)

  • Schedule 9 - Correction by Plan Amendment (in accordance with Appendix B)

Appendix D Acknowledgement Letter

Forms 8950 and 8951

Both of these forms must be included with your submission under Revenue Procedure 2013-12:

  • Form 8950, Application for Voluntary Correction Program (VCP) (Instructions)

  • Form 8951, Compliance Fee for Application for Voluntary Correction Program (VCP)

Forms 2848 and 8821

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