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EP Examination Process Guide - Section 9 - Participant Rights - Participant Events - If a Participant Becomes Disabled

If a participant becomes disabled, some plans provide for disability benefits. These benefits may include paying a benefit upon a finding that the participant is disabled, treating the participant as though they have retired and are eligible for a benefit, or continuing to credit the individual with service during a period of disability.

In some plans, a disabled participant may be required to wait until early or normal retirement to begin to receive benefits. In order to receive benefits based on disability, the participant must apply for them.

Disability Benefits

Description: A participant should consult the plan document or summary plan description to determine if disability benefits are available under the plan. To receive the benefits, the participant must apply and meet the specific requirements of the plan.

What Is Required: The participant must complete an application to receive disability benefits.

Timing: A participant should obtain an application upon request from the plan administrator.

Who Is Responsible For Sending It: The administrator of the plan.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 30-Sep-2013