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Employee Plans Examinations Priorities

The Director of Employee Plans Examinations has a list of "Examination Priorities" and goals for the year ahead. Employee Plans will focus on these priorities establishing a prominent examination presence in the Retirement Plans Community. Employee Plans is still committed to providing the determination letter, outreach and correction programs, but will focus on enforcement.

Here are the examination priorities for this fiscal year:

  1. International Issues – Due to an expanding global economy, many US companies have employees working abroad. This impacts employees’ retirement plan benefits. The Department of the Treasury and Puerto Rico (Hacienda) will continue to work together by sharing resources and information to maintain a unified compliance front.

  2. 401(k) Compliance Project – Continue to identify those areas needing additional education, guidance and outreach, and how to address and avoid 401(k) noncompliance.

  3. Governmental Plans Community – Continue to raise awareness and dialog with the governmental plans community.

  4. Abusive Transactions – Continue to address all identified abusive transactions and emerging issues/abuses by taking an aggressive stance against them. We are asking retirement plan practitioners to partner with us to stamp out these kinds of abuses.
Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 22-May-2014