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PBGC Insights

On August 28, PBGC issued Technical Update 12-1 to provide guidance on how the determination of premiums is affected by the amendments to ERISA Section 4006, made by the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21).

On September 11, PBGC issued Technical Update 12-2, which provides guidance on the effect of MAP-21 on annual financial and actuarial information reporting under ERISA section 4010.

Our premium e-filing application, My Plan Administration Account (My PAA), has recently been enhanced to improve the usability and security of the system:

    • You and all filing team members have new features when you create draft filings using the My PAA screens or import them into the My PAA screens. Click “View” on the Filing Manager Page to:
      • See any warnings about possible data discrepancies on the top of the Data Summary Page, or
      • Print the data entered in a draft filing in a format similar to the “illustrative form” by clicking “View Printable Form” on the top of the Data Summary Page.

    • Whoever uploads the filing data can now view the submitted data on most uploaded filings by clicking the “Conf. ID/Receipt” link in the upload section of your Home Page.
    • We have improved the text on some screens to help clarify the instructions (for example, to better describe the payment choices).
    • You can now view a short summary of “how to use My PAA” by clicking this new link at the top of your My PAA Home Page.
    • We have strengthened our password requirements for better data security. When you log in, you will be prompted to change your password (if you have not recently done so) to meet the new requirements. Your password must be between 10 and 24 characters, not include any spaces and must contain at least one:
      • uppercase character,
      • lowercase character,
      • number, and
      • special character that is NOT a single quote (‘), double quote (“), equal to (=), percent (%), asterisk (*), backslash (\), plus (+), ampersand (&), greater than (>), less than (<), semicolon (;) or question mark (?).
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