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IRC 403(b) Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plans – Operate and Maintain a 403(b) Plan

An eligible employer that has established a 403(b) plan must operate and maintain the plan by taking certain actions to ensure it continues providing tax-deferred benefits to its participants.

Follow the Terms of the Plan
An employer must operate its 403(b) plan according to its written program or the plan may be disqualified leading to the loss of tax-deferred status for all plan contracts.

Timely Transfer Contributions
An employer and/or the plan's third party administrator must deposit all contributions to a 403(b) plan account or transfer them to an annuity contract issuer within a period that is not longer than is reasonable for the proper administration of the plan. 403(b) plans governed by ERISA may be subject to more restrictive requirements and should consult the Department of Labor’s rules.

Conduct Periodic Reviews
Checklist and tips to conduct periodic reviews of your 403(b) plan.

Update for Recent Law Changes
Amend the 403(b) plan to comply with current law. The IRS provides resources to help you keep your plan up-to-date.

Nondiscrimination Testing
403(b) plans may need to conduct annual nondiscrimination testing of eligibility and benefits depending on the type of organization sponsoring the plan and/or the type of 403(b) plan.

Form 5500 Reporting
Certain 403(b) plans may be subject to annual Form 5500 filing requirements.

Additional Resources
Find recent guidance, frequently asked questions, forms and publications, mini-courses and other 403(b) resources.

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