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IRS Nationwide Tax Forum Presentations

IRS Nationwide Tax Forum Presentations:

2014 Tax Forums – Forum schedule and description of presentations
2013 Tax Forum Presentation - New Roth Conversion Opportunities & Other Retirement Curveballs
2013 Tax Forum Presentation - Grab the Money and Run? Retirement Plan Loans and Hardship Distributions
2012 Tax Forum Presentation - A Crash Course in Retirement Plans Contributions
2012 Tax Forum Presentation - Retirement - A Taxing Matter (video)
2011 Tax Forum Presentation - Goldilocks and Retirement Plan Contributions (video)
2011 Tax Forum Presentation - Keep Your Client's Retirement Plan in Compliance
2010 Tax Forum Presentation - Roth IRA Conversions (video)
2010 Tax Forum Presentation - SIMPLE IRA Plan Mistakes
2009 Tax Forum Presentation - SEP Plan Pitfalls
2009 Tax Forum Presentation - Financial Distress and Retirement Plan Distributions
2008 Tax Forum Presentation - Retirement Plan Choices for Self-Employed Individuals
2008 Tax Forum Presentation - 401(k) Plans for Self-Employed Individuals
Retirement Plan Pitfalls Workshop (Use IRS Fix-It Guides to Keep Your Clients Out of Trouble)


Educational Services & Products
Trained and experienced EP employees are available to provide educational services, such as delivering speeches, participating in panel discussions, conducting training seminars, and assisting in the preparation of newsletter articles, relating to retirement plans. View a schedule of upcoming EP Benefits Conferences and educational events. Order or view EP educational products, presentations or videos.

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