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Retirement Topics - Who Can Participate in a SIMPLE IRA Plan?


An employee (including a self-employed individual who received earned income) who:

  • earned at least $5,000 in compensation during any 2 years before the current calendar year and
  • expects to receive at least $5,000 during the current calendar year.

An employer can use less restrictive eligibility requirements (but not more restrictive ones) by eliminating or reducing the prior and/or current year compensation amounts. Employers cannot impose any other conditions for participating in a SIMPLE IRA plan.

Example: Employer A allows participation for employees who received at least $3,000 in compensation during any preceding calendar year.

An employer can exclude the following employees from a SIMPLE IRA plan:

  • Employees covered by a union agreement and whose retirement benefits were bargained for in good faith by the employees' union and the employer
  • Nonresident alien employees who do not have U.S. wages, salaries or other personal services compensation from the employer

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