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Retirement Plan Forms and Publications

We’ve got everything here from Form 1099-R to Pub 590 (on IRAs), from newsletters to handy “check-up” lists, and so much more.

EP Forms & Publications
Forms, instructions, and publications related to retirement plans.

Listing of Required Modifications (LRMs)
A collection of information packages designed to assist in drafting or re-drafting plans to conform with applicable laws and regulations.

EP Examination Guidelines
Guidance on specific technical topics relating to qualified retirement plans.

Alert Guidelines, Explanations & Plan Deficiency Paragraphs
Forms and documents used by Employee Plans Specialists during their review of retirement plans. Review these items prior to submitting a determination letter application to the Service.

Have you had your Check-up this year? for Retirement Plans
For a quick review to see if you meet some basic requirements in operating your business’s retirement plan, get a one-page IRS Checklist of questions for your specific plan.

Retirement plan information geared toward benefits pros and employers alike.

Retirement Savings Tips for Individuals
Plain-language information about retirement plans that employers can share with their employees.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 22-Jan-2014