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0310 Publ 4346-A (EN/RU) (PDF)
Basics of Tax Processing (English/Russian)

0310 Publ 4346-B (EN/RU) (PDF)
Why Should I Pay Taxes? (English/Russian)

0310 Publ 4346-D (EN/RU) (PDF)
Extra Money in Your Pocket with EITC (English/Russian)

0310 Publ 4346-E (EN/RU) (PDF)
Understanding Your IRS Notice (English/Russian)

0310 Publ 4346-F (EN/RU) (PDF)
Troublesome Tax Issues? (English/Russian)

0311 Publ 1546-EZ (RU) (PDF)
The Taxpayer Advocate Service - Your Voice at the IRS (Russian Version)

0709 Publ 3067 (EN/RU) (PDF)
IRS Disaster Assistance - Federally Declared Disaster Area (English/Russian)

0412 Publ 3524 (RU) (PDF)
EITC Eligibility Checklist Poster (Russian version)

0512 Publ 4591 (RU) (PDF)
Small Business Federal Tax Responsibilities (Russian)

1007 Publ 850 (EN/RU) (PDF)
English-Russian Glossary of Words and Phrases

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