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Frequently Asked Questions for the New Transcript Delivery System

Why are e-services being re-engineered?
e-services are being re-engineered to:

  • Eliminate system integration issues that tended to slow delivery;
  • Increase capacity to compensate for the growing demand of the product; and
  • Reduce maintenance issues and associated downtime.

Will re-engineering change the look and feel or functionality of the TDS application?
Yes. There will be a change in the look, feel and functionality, but the changes are minimal.

Will the changes be significant enough to require additional training of users?
Yes, the changes will require that end-users receive additional training. However, the training will be minor in nature and cover changes in the look of the screens and some functionality differences for effective use of the new system.

Will external end users have a transition period in which to become familiar with the e-services program changes before they become effective?
No. Once IRS' system interface is complete, all changes will be rolled-out immediately. Revised tutorials will be available on e-services.

When will these changes in TDS be effective?
TDS changes are expected to be implemented this fall. Watch for further information regarding the effective date.

Will the TDS application be unavailable during implementation of the new functionality?
Yes, there will be downtime over the weekend prior to implementation. Look for an announcement of downtime on the e-services landing page.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 19-Apr-2013