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Frequently Asked Questions: Understanding your PTIN-Related Letter

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1. Why did I receive a Letter 4743 in the mail about my PTIN account? (posted 7/19/11)

You received the letter as a follow-up security measure to ensure you are aware a PTIN account was created for you. If you believe someone inappropriately created an account on your behalf, contact the IRS Tax Professional PTIN Line to report it. Otherwise, no action is necessary.

2. I received a notice saying my PTIN has been suspended due to a payment issue, what action must I take to have my PTIN reactivated? (revised 3/21/14)

Your PTIN was suspended due to your payment being returned for insufficient funds.

Send the payment voucher back to the PTIN processing center with a money order, cashiers (bank) check, or certified (guaranteed funds) check for the applicable fee shown on the letter. Write your PTIN on your replacement payment and make it payable to IRS Tax Pro PTIN Fee. 

3. I received an email telling me to check my Secure Mailbox. What is a Secure Mailbox? (posted 11/9/11)

All online PTIN account holders now have an online secure inbox. This is where we will send you messages about your PTIN. Every time a new message is put in your secure inbox, you will receive a notification at the email address associated with your PTIN account to check your secure inbox. Log-in to your PTIN account to view the message.

Disable your pop-up blocker on your computer in order to view your secure messages.

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