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What are the e-services products?

Currently, the following products are available:

All tax professionals who wish to use e-services products must register on-line as individuals to create an electronic account. The registration process is a one time automated process where the user selects a username, password and PIN. Once the registration information has been validated, the registrant will receive an on screen acknowledgement. For security purposes, a confirmation code is sent via postal mail to the tax professional to complete the registration process.

Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) Application has moved
You must now use the IRS Tax Professional PTIN Sign-up System to obtain a PTIN. For more information, please visit the Tax Professionals page and read about the Requirements for Tax Return Preparers.

e-file Application
The IRS e-file Application can be completed using the Internet. Applications can be started and saved in progress, and modifications to a firm's application can be made quickly and easily without restarting the process. You can also check the status of the application as the IRS makes updates to the suitability check.

The IRS e-file Application enables you to easily adapt your application to the changes in your business. You may want to add a new Principal to your firm's e-file application or you may want to delegate the management of the IRS e-file Application to someone in your organization. You can manage all your Authorized IRS e-file Provider information in one place and more easily update the information when changes occur.

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Matching
TIN Matching is a pre-filing service offered to payers and/or authorized agents who submit any of six information returns subject to backup withholding (Forms 1099-B, INT, DIV, OID, PATR, and MISC). With Interactive TIN Matching authorized payers can match up to 25 payee TIN and name combinations against IRS records prior to submitting an information return. Bulk TIN Matching allows payers and/or authorized agents filing any of the six information returns to match up to 100,000 TIN and name combinations. In order to participate in TIN Matching, payers must be listed in the IRS Payer Account File (PAF) database. If your firm has not filed information returns with the IRS in one of the past two tax years, the application will not be available to you at this time.

QuickAlerts Messaging Service
Subscribe to QuickAlerts, a FREE e-file messaging service, that provides you with important e-file related information throughout the year, 24/7.

Tax Professionals who are active participants in the IRS e-file program and e-file five or more accepted individual or business returns in a season are eligible to use the following incentive products:

Transcript Delivery System
Eligible tax professionals may use Transcript Delivery System (TDS) to request and view online, account transcripts, wage and income documents, tax return transcripts, and verification of non-filing letters. A new product (the Record of Account) combines both the Return Transcript and Account Transcript in one product. Tax Professionals can request the products for both individual and business taxpayers. Use the TDS application to resolve your clients' need for return and account information quickly, in a secure, online session. Tax professionals must have a Power of Attorney authorization on file with the IRS before accessing a client's account (or use Disclosure Authorization to file an authorization on a new client and obtain TDS information immediately).

Reporting Agents
Reporting Agents who are accepted IRS e-file participants are provided access to TDS, tailored to meet their reporting needs.  Individual users must be employed by the Reporting Agent and be identified on the e-file application as a Principal, Principal Consent, Responsible Official, or Delegated User, in order to receive requested information under the Reporting Agent’s taxpayer authorization.  Further details can be obtained on our News from RAF web page.  

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 19-Sep-2013