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94X MeF Development Information

This page contains information that will assist in the development of the 94x Forms on the Modernized e-File (MeF) Platform.

Note: The information contained on this page is for developmental purposes only.


94x MeF Form Implementation (7/22/13)

The 94x Forms were implemented on the Modernized e-File (MeF) Platform on January 26, 2014 as follows:

Annual Forms

- Tax Year 2013

Quarterly Forms

- Tax Year 2013 (4th Quarter)

- Tax Year 2014 (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quarters)


94x MeF and Legacy Comparison (5/15/13)

The 94x MeF and Legacy Comparison document communicates specific messages for various stakeholders in regards to the Application Process, Testing, Filing Returns, and Signature Requirements.


94x MeF e-File Application Guidelines (6/25/13)

The 94x MeF e-File Application Guidelines document communicates the step-by-step process needed to complete the e-File application process.


94x MeF e-Signature Methods (6/25/13)

The 94x MeF e-Signature Methods document communicates the signature methods for the various 94x Stakeholders. 


94x MeF Frequently Asked Questions (6/3/14)

The 94x MeF FAQs document communicates common questions and answers regarding the 94x MeF Program.


Tax Year 2012 94x MeF Dependencies (7/22/13)

The Tax Year 2012 94x MeF Dependencies document provides a list of attachments that can be submitted with each of the 94x MeF Forms.


Tax Year 2012 94x MeF Development Schemas (5/16/13)

The Tax Year 2012 Annual and Quarterly 94x MeF Form development schema packages are provided below:

- TY 2012 94x MeF Annual Form Development Schemas

- TY 2012 94x MeF Quarterly Form Development Schemas (4th Quarter)

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