Beneficiaries, Beneficiaries


Charitable gift annuities, Charitable gift annuities.
Combat zones, designated, Special reporting for U.S. Armed Forces in designated combat zones.
Corrected Form 1099-R, Corrected Form 1099-R
Corrected Form 5498, Corrected Form 5498.
Corrective distributions, Corrective Distributions
Cost of current life insurance protection, Box 2a. Taxable Amount


Life insurance contract distributions, Life insurance, annuity, and endowment contracts.
Loans treated as distributions, Direct Rollovers, Loans Treated as Distributions
Losses, retirement distributions, Losses., Losses.


Recharacterized IRA contributions, Transfers, IRA recharacterizations., Box 1. Gross Distribution, IRAs., Specific Instructions for Form 5498, Direct rollovers, transfers, and recharacterizations.
Required minimum distribution, Required minimum distributions (RMDs)., Box 11. Check if RMD for 2016, Box 12a. RMD Date, Box 12b. RMD Amount
Retirement payments, Specific Instructions for Form 1099-R, Boxes 12–17. State and Local Information
Revocation, IRA, IRA Revocation or Account Closure, IRA revocation or account closure.
RMD, Required minimum distributions (RMDs)., Box 11. Check if RMD for 2016
RMD amount, Box 12b. RMD Amount
RMD date, Box 12a. RMD Date
Rollovers, Direct Rollovers, Explanation to Recipients Before Eligible Rollover Distributions (Section 402(f) Notice), Transfers, Corrected Form 1099-R, Box 1. Gross Distribution, Box 2a. Taxable Amount, Box 4. Federal Income Tax Withheld, Box 6. Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) in Employer's Securities, Direct rollovers, transfers, and recharacterizations., Transfers., Recharacterizations., Total distribution, no contributions., Box 1. IRA Contributions (Other Than Amounts in Boxes 2–4, 8–10, 13a, and 14a), Box 2. Rollover Contributions
Roth IRA contributions, Roth IRA conversions., Roth IRA.
Roth IRA conversions, Roth IRA conversions., Transfers, Roth IRA conversions., IRAs., Recharacterizations., Roth IRA conversions., Box 3. Roth IRA Conversion Amount
Roth IRA distributions, Roth IRA conversions., Roth IRA., IRAs.


Taxable amount, retirement distributions, Box 2a. Taxable Amount
Form 1099-R, Transfers, Transfer of an IRA to spouse.
Form 5498, Direct rollovers, transfers, and recharacterizations.

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