Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2007-5 

January 29, 2007 


Rev. Proc. 2007-18 Rev. Proc. 2007-18

Pursuant to section 1397E(e)(2) of the Code, this procedure sets forth the maximum face amount of Qualified Zone Academy Bonds that may be issued for each state for each of the calendar years 2006 and 2007. For this purpose, “State” includes the District of Columbia and the possessions of the United States.

Announcement 2007-8 Announcement 2007-8

This document contains corrections to temporary regulations (T.D. 9286, 2006-43 I.R.B. 750) providing rules for claiming the railroad track maintenance credit under section 45G of the Code for qualified railroad track maintenance expenditures paid or incurred by a Class II or Class III railroad and other eligible taxpayers during the taxable year.

Announcement 2007-9 Announcement 2007-9

This document contains corrections to final and temporary regulations (T.D. 9278, 2006-34 I.R.B. 256) regarding the treatment of controlled services transactions under section 482 of the Code and the allocation of income from intangibles, in particular with respect to contributions by a controlled party to the value of an intangible owned by another controlled party.

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