Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2011-32 

August 8, 2011 


Notice 2011-62 Notice 2011-62

This notice provides a proposed revenue procedure that will update Rev. Proc. 2000-43, 2000-2 C.B. 404, which provides guidance regarding ex parte communications between Appeals and other Internal Revenue Service functions. Comments should be submitted by August 18, 2011.

Notice 2011-70 Notice 2011-70

This notice enlarges the period within which individuals may request equitable relief from joint and several liability under section 6015(f) of the Code.

Announcement 2011-42 Announcement 2011-42

Discontinuance of high-low method for substantiating travel expenses. This announcement advises taxpayers that the IRS intends to discontinue authorizing the high-low per diem method for substantiating lodging, meal, and incidental expenses incurred in traveling away from home under section 274(d) of the Code.

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