1.1.10  Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity  (06-22-2005)
Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity

  1. The mission of EEO and Diversity is to provide customers with top quality service by helping IRS employees understand diversity and their EEO rights and responsibilities and by applying the civil rights laws with integrity and fairness to all.

  2. The Chief, EEO and Diversity, reports to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and is responsible for the strategic planning, management, direction, and execution of the full range of activities related to the EEO and Diversity function.

  3. The Chief area is organized into three Units:

    • Servicewide EEO and Diversity

    • Discrimination Complaint Review Unit

    • External Civil Rights Program

  4. To accomplish this mission, the Chief, EEO and Diversity:

    1. Serves as the principal advisor to the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners and senior leadership on matters relating to equal employment opportunity, affirmative employment, and diversity.

    2. Develops Servicewide EEO and Diversity strategies, guiding principles, and policies through strategic partnerships with other functions within the Service.

    3. Provides overall policy direction and program oversight for the Service's equal employment opportunity, diversity, and external civil rights programs.

    4. Creates awareness of prohibited discriminatory actions.

    5. Establishes complaint prevention and resolution programs, thus encouraging a work environment that is free from discrimination and encourages equal and fair treatment of all employees and taxpayers.  (06-22-2005)
Servicewide EEO and Diversity

  1. The mission of the Servicewide EEO and Diversity Office is to maintain development and oversight of EEO and Diversity policy in such areas as:

    • Affirmative Employment

    • Complaint Administration

    • Prevention of Sexual Harassment

    • Disability Compliance

    • Diversity

    • Special Emphasis Programs

  2. The Program Manager, Servicewide EEO and Diversity, reports to the Deputy Chief, EEO and Diversity, and is responsible for planning managing, directing, and executing a full range of activities in Servicewide EEO and Diversity.

  3. To accomplish the mission, Servicewide EEO and Diversity:

    1. Serves in an advisory capacity to AWSS EEO and Diversity Field Services staff and EEOD division directors.

    2. Develops Servicewide affirmative employment plans and policy statements.

    3. Monitors complaint activity.

    4. Conducts program reviews.

    5. Transmits Treasury policy to IRS.

    6. Analyzes data and identifies trends and makes recommendations for addressing concerns.  (06-22-2005)
Discrimination Complaint Review Unit

  1. The mission of the Discrimination Complaint Review Unit is to review settlement agreements and findings of discrimination to determine if potential 1203 violations exist.

  2. The Program Manager, Discrimination Complaint Review Unit, reports directly to the Deputy Chief EEO and Diversity, and is responsible for planning, managing, directing and executing a full range of activities within the Discrimination Complaint Review Unit.

  3. To accomplish the mission, the Discrimination Complaint Review Unit:

    1. Makes a preliminary determination as to whether or not, based on the record, a prima facie case of intentional discrimination exists, i.e., a person was treated differently on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, reprisal, age or disability, as defined by the civil rights statutes.

    2. Conducts onsite fact-findings to determine whether a potential violation of 1203(b)(3)(B) has occurred.

    3. Makes referrals to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) for further investigation, if warranted, after determining the existence of a potential 1203(b)(3)(B) violation.  (06-22-2005)
External Civil Rights Program

  1. The mission of the External Civil Rights Program is to ensure that no person in the United States, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability is excluded from participation in, or is denied the benefits of, or is subjected to discrimination in any program or activity funded or conducted by the Internal Revenue Service.

  2. The Program Manager, External Civil Rights Unit, reports directly to the Deputy Chief, EEO and Diversity, and is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable Executive Orders and the following:

    • Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

    • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended

    • Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

    • Age Discrimination Act of 1975

  3. To accomplish the mission, the External Civil Rights Program:

    1. Conducts data collection and needs assessments.

    2. Performs pre and post-award civil rights compliance reviews.

    3. Prepares reports on civil rights program activities.

    4. Conducts investigations resulting from complaints of discrimination filed by taxpayer(s) or taxpayer representative(s).

    5. Initiates outreach efforts with community and minority organizations/associations at the National, State and local level.

    6. Educates external stakeholders and IRS employees that have contact with taxpayers regarding External Civil Rights Programs.

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