1.18.1  Mission of Distribution  (09-25-2006)

  1. The M&P Distribution mission is to provide planning and distribution services for all IRS print and electronic communications products used by the public to comply with tax filing requirements and obligations. Distribution also provides services used internally within the IRS for tax administration.

  2. Distribution provides knowledge services and systems management support for all publishing and distribution programs to ensure the highest quality products and services are made available. All print, electronic, and accessible media and technology available are used to accomplish this mission.

  3. Distribution provides tools and guidance to make sure that the Service is Section 508 compliant in all publishing mediums through the Alternative Media Center (AMC). The AMC publishes Braille, large print, CD-ROM, electronic Braille, tactile graphics, captioning services, etc.

  4. The following areas will be covered in this chapter:

    • Distribution Management

    • National Distribution Center Oversight

    • Tax Forms Distribution Programs

    • Forecasting Requirements

    • Knowledge Services

    • Electronic Distribution

    • Alternative Media Center

    • The National Distribution Center Operations

    • Correspondence Production Services

    Mail and Transportation Management are covered under IRM 1.22.

  5. Visit the M&P Publishing and M&P Distribution Intranet website (Electronic Publishing) at http://publish.no.irs.gov. Please refer to IRM 1.1.13 for high level organizational structure.  (09-25-2006)
Distribution Requirements Branch

  1. The Distribution Requirements Branch:

    1. provides planning and distribution systems for all IRS print and electronic communications products used by the public and used internally within IRS

    2. manages IRS Specialty Distribution Programs

    3. determines quantity requirements and methods of distribution for IRS published products

    4. determines and provides mail and transportation services for all published products, and

    5. provides Servicewide program and budget management for all uses of mail and transportation services.  (09-25-2006)
Knowledge Services Branch

  1. The Knowledge Services Branch provides:

    1. knowledge services and systems management support for all publishing and distribution programs

    2. provides electronic distribution services from a central repository of all IRS published products, including internet/intranet access and fax-back order fulfillment.

    3. provides, through the Alternative Media Center (AMC), IRS published products in "accessible" formats and media to enable usage by taxpayers and employees with disabilities as well as complying with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1998.  (09-25-2006)
National Distribution Center (NDC)

  1. NDC provides:

    1. mail order access to public customers for IRS published products

    2. receiving and inputting telephone, fax, mail order and electronic requests for published material from distribution outlets and IRS employees and organizations

    3. order entry, order fulfillment, transportation management, inventory management and warehouse management

    4. prints "on demand" products that meet the appropriate criteria  (09-25-2006)
Government Program Management Office

  1. The Government Program Management Office (GPMO) is responsible for the day to day monitoring and oversight of work performed at the NDC in accordance with the Performance Work Statement (PWS). This includes but is not limited to:

    1. coordinates all interactions between the IRS and the NDC regarding all operational issues

    2. provide day to day support on technical distribution issues and resolves issues with published products or other operational components.

    3. monitors NDC performance against the PWS

    4. Identifies and resolves NDC customer service or PWS issues


    All communication with the NDC regarding new work or changes must be channeled through the GPMO to ensure all work and directives are within the scope of the Performance Work Statement (PWS).  (09-25-2006)
Correspondence Production Services

  1. Correspondence Production Services (CPS) provides the full range of support and services for volume first class mailings to taxpayers. This includes:

    1. round-the-clock print, insert and mail services for taxpayer notices

    2. standard mail production

    3. postal discounting through mail pre-sort

    4. quality assurance through piece-level tracking

    5. notice-related file processing support to IRS modernization and improvement projects

    6. implementation of standards for effective correspondence communications

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