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FATCA 9 - Financial Institutions: Your Homepage Information and Options - YouTube video text script

If you are a Lead, Single, Member or Sponsoring entity financial institution, this video will show you the information and options available on your home page.

Your home page provides a central location where you can access all key information about your FATCA account including options to add, edit, or remove information.

The “Account Information” section displays important details about your account, including:

• The Responsible Officer,
• Points of contact for the account, if applicable,
• The legal name of your financial institution,
• The financial institution type,
• Your FATCA ID and
• The account status.

The “Next Steps” section shows you actions you may need to take relating to your FATCA account. .

The “Options” section displays available actions relating to your account. Some of these include editing your registration form, reviewing your challenge questions, and changing your access code.

Different options may be displayed depending on your current account status.

Your “Message Board” shows a list of notifications related to your account.

Click on a message link to review the message.

Click the close button when finished viewing the message.  

Once you have reviewed a message, you can delete it if you no longer want it on your Message Board.

Click OK to confirm that you want to delete the message.  

If you are a Lead financial institution, an “FI Group Information” section will be displayed on your home page. There you can select the View Member Information link to view a list of your member financial institutions.

For further information, see the video on “Lead Financial Institution: How to Manage Member Information.”

If you are a Member financial institution, the “Your Lead FI Information” section will be displayed on your home page where you can view information on your Lead financial institution.

This concludes the demonstration of how a Lead, Single, Member or Sponsoring Entity financial institution can view the information and options available on the home page.

You will find more information on the FATCA website, at

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 09-Sep-2015