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1040 Modernized e-File (MeF) Information for Software Developers


Phase III Development Information

Tax Year 2011 schema changes to be implemented after version 2011v3.0 for the 1040 Program

Phase III TY2009 and TY2010 Development Schemas

1040 Instance Document (posted 7/1/2011)


Assurance Testing System (ATS)

The ATS Scenarios are included in Publication 1436 (posted 10/25/2011)

Revised Test Scenario 4 (posted 11/04/2011)

Revised Test Scenario 5 (posted 11/18/2011)

ATS Known Issues and Solutions (updated 12/27/2011)

ATS Disabled Business Rules (updated 01/24/2012)

ATS and Production Issues Log (updated 03/02/2012)

Please send questions and comments to the MeF Mailbox.

Error Reject Codes (ERCs) to Business Rules (BRs) Crosswalk

To assist in the transition from the current e-file to the Modernized e-File (MeF) system, we are providing a crosswalk of the Form 1040 family Error Reject Codes (ERCs) to Business Rules (BRs). The TY2011 crosswalk is included on the Tax Year 2011 Schema Page for Form 1040.




Working Group Meeting

The 1040 Working Group is a cross-functional, technical group comprised of industry and IRS stakeholders. The group serves as a collaborative forum to address technical issues related to the requirements, design, development and deployment of the 1040 Form Family to the MeF Platform. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month.

Contact the IRS 1040 MeF Team

You can contact the IRS 1040 MeF Team at the MeF mailbox.


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