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2014 Free File Radio PSA Script

2014 Free File Radio PSA

Costs Less Than | English | Radio PSA :30

Sound Effects: Game Show music.

Game show HOST: And the next question is, “What does a cookie, a stick of gum and a French fry have in common?

CONTESTANT 1: You eat them?

Sound effects: Loud sound indicating the answer is wrong.

CONTESTANT 2: You find them between couch cushions?

Sound effects: Loud sound indicating answer is wrong.

HOST: No! They all cost more than filing your taxes.

Sound effects: Celebratory game show music.

HOST: When you use IRS Free File, it’s free! Get a choice of brand-name software and help if you need

it. Join the 40 million people who have already saved. Free File. It’s fast. It’s safe. It’s free. Get

started at Free File dot I-R-S dot gov.


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