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Attitudinal and Awareness Research

Attitudinal or psychographic research is obtained from information gathered from telephonic interviews gathered by IRS' market research vendor, Russell Marketing Research. Taxpayers as well as Electronic Return Originators (EROs) are interviewed. The results assist IRS in determining where to place paid advertising and public service announcements related to IRS e-file. They also aid us in determining what key IRS e-file messages should be used in our advertising campaigns.

Publication 4928, Free File Awareness & Attitudinal Research (January 2011)

Publication 4922, 2010 e-Strategy Constituent Study - Findings From Research Conducted Among 1040 Return Filers and Filers of Schedules "C', "E" and "F" (January 2011)

Publication 4833, Report of Findings From the Free File Marketing Focus Groups (September 2010)

Publication 4684, Findings From the Free File Migration Study (December 2008)

Publication 4556, 2008 Free File Survey (November 2008)

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