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Coming Soon to the Modernized e-File (MeF) Program

The IRS will be adding the following tax types to the Modernized e-File Program in Processing Year 2014:

  • 94x (Employment Tax) Form Family - MeF will add the following Employment Tax Returns and their associated forms and schedules: 940, 940-PR, 941, 941-PR, 941-SS, 943, 943-PR, 944, and 945.

Information regarding the 94x MeF Development includes a complete list of the 94x MeF Forms, a list of the Tax Year 2012 Dependencies, the Tax Year 2012 94x Schemas, and a 94x MeF and Legacy Comparison Document.

  • 1041 (Estates & Trusts) Form Family. MeF will add the 1041 return and its
    associated forms and schedules.

 We are providing the following for the 1041 MeF program:


94x and 1041 Scheduled Implementation 

MeF plans to begin processing Forms 94x and 1041 returns in Processing Year 2014 for the following tax years/processing years:

Form Tax Year Processing Year Return Type
1041 TY2013 PY2014 Annual
94x TY2013 PY2014 Quarter 4
94x TY2013 PY2014 Annual
94x TY2014 PY2014 Quarters 1, 2, & 3

During the first year of deployment (Processing Year 2014), MeF and ELF (Legacy System) will operate concurrently. The following year, the existing 94x and 1041 ELF programs will be phased out.


MeF Working Group Meetings

To keep updated on the status and changes to 94x and 1041 MeF, States and external partners are encouraged to attend the MeF Working Group meetings and check this page for updates. MeF Working Group meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month. To be added to the distribution list, please forward your Name, Company Name and email address to the MeF Mailbox.   



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