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IRS Tax Forms and Publications (ASL) - YouTube video text script

Hi, I’m Maria and I work for the IRS.
Do you want to find for Tax Forms and Publications without having to go into an IRS office?
Look no further than your computer.
Our website has virtually every Tax Form and Publication you could possibly need to file your Federal Tax Return.
Best of all, you can download them or place an order online anytime you want for free.
On the other hand, if you prefer to call us through Relay, the number is 800-TAX-FORM.
That’s 800-829-3676. 
Not only can you get forms, instructions, and publications for the current year, you can also get forms and instructions for the previous five years.
Your order will arrive by mail, usually within 10 days.
Finally, during the tax filing season, some libraries and post offices have tax forms.
And many large grocery stores, copy centers, city and county government offices and credit unions have forms you can photocopy.
So as you can see, you have many options. 
To get more information about your federal taxes, and to download your tax forms, go to

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