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IRS e-file Application - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Who can complete a new IRS e-file Application to Participate in IRS e-file?

Anyone who registers with IRS e-services can create a new (or revised) application online to participate in IRS e-file. Individuals are encouraged to register with IRS e-services and create a new (or revised) IRS e-file application.

What is the advantage of using the e-services’ IRS e-file Application?

The design of the IRS e-file Application makes it easier to apply to participate in IRS e-file, catch many errors during input, ensure completeness of required data fields, and permit validation of information already contained in IRS databases, i.e. Enrolled Agent status (no need to submit credentials) and taxpayer identification number. The online application allows delegation of available e-services privileges to other individuals within a firm including the authority to maintain your application. To use these privileges, the Delegated Users must register individually.

What other e-services Web-based products can I use if I apply for e-file?

Authorized IRS e-file Providers that are active participants in IRS e-file  and e-file five (5) or more individual or business tax returns in a calendar year can use the incentive  e-Services  products. The online products that will be available to qualifying EROs are:

The individual making the request must already have on file with the IRS, a valid Power of Attorney (POA) in order to obtain a specific transcript or resolve a specific tax account issue.

Beginning May 2007, Reporting Agents, who are accepted participants in IRS e-file, will be provided access to TDS and EAR products tailored to meet their reporting needs. Individuals users must be employed by the Reporting Agent and be identified on the e-file application as a Principal, Responsible Official, or Delegated Official, in order to receive requested information under the Reporting Agent's taxpayer authorization. Further details can be obtained through News from the RAF
Can practitioners check the status of their e-file application online?

Yes. After a practitioner has registered for e-Services, practitioners may check the status of their completed e-file application.

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